Nautilus Acoustic Pod - Office Pods - Meeting Booths

Fabric space division – with all panels having a sound reduction rating of 30dB. Flexibility – Nautilus Office Pod can be manufactured to any shape or size allowing you full adaptability. The options shown here are examples of what can be created. Acoustic: Nautilus panels are acoustically tested and rated at 30dB noise reduction. Power – Nautilus panels can be fitted with a range of power and charge solutions to enhance working areas. All cabling is hidden within the product and terminates at floor level.

Lighting: Nautilus panels and lids can be fitted with a range of lighting solutions to enhance working areas. Nautilus Office Pod is quick and easy to install virtually tool-free with most models being suitable for a one person build in less than 1 hour; This flexibility gives the user fast relocation within a product that does not require building regulations to be sanctioned.

The flexibility within Nautilus Pod allows inviting areas to be created which can be designed to work in conjunction with existing office furniture resulting in employees having access to their optimal environment for working.

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